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      PiMPro Portable Analyzer PiMPro Classic 700
  CLASSIC700 Open  
  • Highly accurate portable PIM Analyzer provides two 40 watt carriers (40W x 2), with -125 dBm sensitivity all in a less than 36 pound carry-on size case
  • Instantaneous Measurement Modes for PIM and Return Loss, Frequency Sweep and PIM vs Time for both the 698-746 MHz and 746-798 MHz bands
  • Self-calibrating to industry standards
  • Variable output power from 17 to 46 dBm
  • High impact, water-resistant compact carrying case, color coded to frequency band, ideal for field environments
  • Measures the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th reflective passive intermodulation
  • Internal and external data storage
  • Software and firmware updates downloadable via USB connection
  • PiMPro Eco optional lab-based measurement and test automation software
  • Universal and Basic 7–16 DIN component Accessory Kits available




CCI's PiMPro Classic 700 portable precision Passive Intermod (PIM) analyzer has been designed from the ground up to meet the specific challenges of PIM testing both in the field and in the lab. PiMPro Classic 700 covers the upper and lower 700 MHz bands, both 698-746 MHz and 746-798 MHz. The Analyzer delivers maximum power of two carriers at 40 watts (40W x 2) and uncompromising accuracy of intermodulation (IM) measurements, with a sensitivity of -125 dBm( -168 dBc at 20 watts). At less than 36 pounds the PIMPro Classic is rugged and compact in a portable carry-on size, this combined with it's easy to use graphic navigation tools and unique touch screen display make it an invaluable tool for on site PIM testing.

Long-term Evolution (LTE) radios are configured for 40 watts or more output power per carrier. Since site configurations can have as many as four carriers per sector, PIM testing at anything less than 40W x 2 does not accurately simulate live network traffic and is likely to understate actual site PIM levels. PiMPro's 40W x 2 power level allows for more realistic PIM level testing in the field. By design, the PiMPro provides precise measurement of the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th order of intermodulation of any system or component under high-power conditions. In addition to passive intermodulation measurements, the unit will provide VSWR and Return Loss values. PiMPro can be used to verify the integrity of individual passive components including connectors, cable assemblies, antennas, filters, making it an integral performance tool for both field and lab technicians.

PiMPro Eco is an optional software application for automating PIM lab-based measurements performed on the PiMPro family of analyzers. The application allows users to create and recall test profiles, simultaneously perform frequency and power sweep, create customized reports for distribution and control ancillary instruments, such as network analyzers, signal analyzers and power meters for related RF measurements. PiMPro Eco software includes the applications source code written in LabVIEW, with a perpetual-use, royalty-free license. PiMPro Eco source code can easily be modified for various lab, field, production and proprietary environments. CCI’s turn-key PIM solutions, leverage best-in-class instrumentation partners, RF-centric software expertise and a global support network.


  • On site installation testing of antennas, filters, cable assemblies and other passive components
  • Mobile operators can isolate site performance issues and perform interference testing
  • Research and development teams can simulate site conditions with PIMPro's high power capability for prototype testing
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) for passive component and cable manufactures for product testing

Electrical Specifications

PiMPro Classic 700
  Band LTE 700L / LTE 700U
  Receive Frequency 698 - 716 MHz / 776 - 798 MHz
  Transmit Frequency 728 - 746 MHz / 746 - 768 MHz
Transmitter Frequency Accuracy < 5 ppm
  Power Accuracy 0.3 dB
  Frequency Step Size 200 kHz
  Power Resolution 0.1 dB
  Adjustable Power Range 17 to 46 dBm × 2 (50 mW to 40 W × 2)
Receiver Residual Intermod Level -122 dBm (-125 dBm Typical)
  Measurement Sensitivity -135 dBm
  Noise Floor -136 dBm
  Reverse Power Protection 13 dBm (20 mW) continuous
Measurement Mode Measurement Method One Port, Reverse PIM
  Real Time PIM 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th PIM
  Return Loss Measured in dB
  PIM vs Time 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th PIM
  RX Interference Receive Only Mode - Noise Floor Measurements
  Frequency Sweep Frequency Response
  DAS Feature Path Loss Characteristics
System  Power 90 - 256 V, 50 - 60 Hz
  Alarms Audio & Visual Display
  Display Size & Type 7" TFT Color Touch Screen
  Data Ports 1 - USB 2.0, 1 - Ethernet Port
  Remote Control No WiFi
Electrical Max Power Consumption <500 W


  Weight 36.0 lbs (16.3 kg)
  RF Output Connector 7-16 DIN Female
  Dimensions (W×H×D) 18.7×14.8×7.0 in. (475 × 375.9 × 177.8 mm)
  Operating Temperature -10-45°C, 14-117°F, 95% RH
  Storage Temperature -30-60°C, -22-140°F, 85% RH
  CLASSIC700 Height CLASSICXXXX Case Dimensions
  PimPro Classic Case Height Dimension PimPro Classic Case Width and Depth Dimensions


Measurement & Configuration

CLASSICXXXX System Configuration   System Configuration
System Configuration is the first data entry point for PiMPro users, where all system and report generation parameters are set. Includes settings for Date and Time, Audio Alarm, RF Power on Time interval, central Data Label management, PiMPro registration information and IP address are all keyed in from this screen. Software updates and screen calibrations are also accessed from this screen.
CLASSICXXXX PIMvRLoss   PIM vs Return Loss
PiMPro’s main measurement screen provides instantaneous PIM measurement in both dBc or dBm. The large display flashes to annunciate the presence of RF power at the output connector. Pass/Marginal/Fail Limits, Output Power, Frequency and IM settings originate from this screen. PiMPro’s unique Return Loss diagnostic feature at high transmit (TX) power, quickly points out open cables.
The PIM vs Time dynamic measurement mode features a graphical representation of PIM as a function of time. Time scale can be set from 10 seconds to 4 minutes. The PiMPro Return Loss feature is also available on this screen.
CLASSICXXXX Frequency Sweep   Frequency Sweep
PiMPro displays a swept receive (RX) PIM range by sweeping the TX carriers from end to end within the set frequency band. PIM frequency response is displayed, exposing the worst case PIM level and the contributing frequencies. Users can immediately transfer the graph to the PIM vs Time feature and run a new test to isolate the causes of the specific PIM.
CLASSICXXXX RX Interference   RX Interference
With both internal amplifiers set to off, PiMPro performs a spectral analysis sweep, for interfering signals. RX Interference mode provides the added ability to discern PIM from external interfering signals in the receive band. External and internal PIM signals are unlikely to be in phase or simultaneous within PiMPro’s narrow receiver range, therefore, making RX Interference a powerful field diagnostic tool.
CLASSICXXXX ReportGen   Report Generator
Report data for all measurement modes can be stored in either, HTML or PDF file format. Users can concatenate a limitless series of measurements with different sector, feeder, color codes, as one single PDF file. Reports can be saved in PiMPro’s internal memory or to external USB memory from the unit’s front panel.
CLASSICXXXX PiMPro ECO   PimPro Eco (Optional)
The PiMPro Eco software application automates PIM lab-based measurements performed on the PiMPro Classic and Rack Mount. Users can create and recall test profiles, simultaneously perform frequency and power sweep, create customized reports for distribution as well as control ancillary instruments, such as network analyzers, signal analyzers and power meters for related RF measurements.


CLASSICXXXX transport PP-AK-DMDM Low PIM 7–16 DIN Male to Male Adapter
PP-AK-DFDF Low PIM 7–16 DIN Female to Female Adapter
PP-AK-DMNF Low PIM 7–16 DIN Male to N Female Adapter
PP-AK-DMNM Low PIM 7–16 DIN Male to N Male Adapter
PPT-AK-LOAD Low PIM Termination Load < -168 dBc with both Male and Female 7–16 DIN
PP-AK-CAB-DMDF Low PIM Male DIN to Female DIN jumper cable 3/8“ 3 m (10 ft) length
PP-AK-CAB-DMDM Low PIM Male DIN to Male DIN jumper cable 3/8“ 3 m (10 ft) length
 CLASSICXXXX accessories PP-AK-PSTAN PIM Standard Verification Source Tool
PP-AK-TORW Torque Wrench for 7–16 DIN Connector
PP-AK-ADJW Adjustable Wrench
PP-AK-FIXW Small 32 mm Wrench for 7–16 DIN
PPT-AK-ALCH Alcohol Cleaning Kit


**Available upon registration/login**

Parts & Accessories

PIMPRO CLASSIC 700 PiMPro Classic 700
PP-ECO PiMPro Eco Optional Software
PP-AK-CASE-RTC PiMPro Transport Case
PP-AK-KIT Universal Accessory Kit


Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Part 15 Class B, CE, CSA US


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