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      Low Loss Combiner LLC-850-IN
  LLC850IN FValt  
  • Combines Technologies onto a Single Feed Line
  • Low Loss Combining
  • Combining for Multiple Technologies (GSM/UMTS, UMTS/UMTS, UMTS/LTE, CDMA/LTE, etc.)
  • Minimal or No Guard Band
  • High Reliability Design
  • High Power Handling
  • Cascadable  for higher levels of combining
  • Excellent Filter Response
  • Occupies only 2U of Rack Space
  • Built-In Software
  • Control via Ethernet TCP/IP
  • DC Block
  • Critical & Non-Critical Alarm Status LED’s





CCI’s Remote Tunable Narrow Guard Band Filter-Combiner (LLC) combines multiple Cellular Band signals onto a single feeder without the insertion loss normally associated with passive combiners. This new highly compact model requires little or no guard band depending on the technologies being combined thus maximizing the usage of allocated spectrum.
A precisely matched filter which is wide enough for a UMTS or three CDMA channels allows the carrier to be positioned anywhere in the Cellular band and provides high rejection of unwanted spurious emissions and noise. Transmit paths are fully isolated to prevent interference and intermodulation products. Note that any technology (including GSM/UMTS,  UMTS/UMTS, LTE/UMTS, LTE/LTE, CDMA/LTE) can be combined when utilizing this LLC. Multiple units can also be cascaded for deployment of additional channels.
When not tuning, no power is required, effectively becoming a pure passive low loss filter combiner. The LLC can be controlled locally or remotely via TCP/IP or Ethernet requiring only a web browser for simple access.
All software is resident internally; no extra software or controller is required. Note that the Bandpass port “only” passes Tx signals, but the Bandstop port is fully duplexed and passes Tx/Rx signals. The unit is housed in a single rack-mounted 19” by 2U assembly and can be cascaded for further feeder line reduction.


RF Parameters Ports Frequency(MHz) Specification
Return Loss Bandstop TX/RX 869 - 894 18 dB min.
Bandpass TX Only 869 - 894 18 dB min.
ANT 869 - 894 18 dB min.
Insertion Loss Bandstop TX/RX to ANT 869 to (fc - 2.5) 0.5 dB typ.
(fc + 2.5) to 894 0.5 dB typ.
Bandpass TX Only to ANT (fc - 2.5) to (fc + 2.5) 0.5 dB typ.
Isolation Bandstop TX/RX to Bandpass TX Only 869 to (fc - 2.5) ≥45 dB typ. 
(fc - 2.5) to (fc + 2.5) ≥27 dB typ.
(fc + 2.5) to 894 ≥45 dB typ.
Tuning Range Any 5 MHz segment (center frequency - fc) in 869 - 894 MHz


General Characteristics  
Impedance 50 ohms
Guard Band:  
GSM/UMTS Combining 500 kHz each side of Bandpass required
UMTS/UMTS Combining "0" Guard Band required
UMTS/LTE Combining "0" Guard Band required for 5 MHz or greater LTE carrier
CDMA/LTE Combining "0" Guard Band required
Group Delay variation 50 nS typ.
Continuous Average Power 500 W max. (all ports)
Peak Envelope Power 2 kW max. (all ports)
IMD <-110 dBm (-153 dBc) typical (2 × +43 dBm tones) all bands


  LLC850IN Carrier GSM UMTS
  GSM/UMTS Combining: 500 kHz guard band required
  LLC850IN Carrier UMTS UMTS
  UMTS/UMTS Combining: "0"guard band required
  LLC850IN Carrier UMTS LTE
  UMTS/LTE Combining: "0"guard band required for 5 MHz or greater LTE carrier
  LLC850IN Carrier CDMA LTE
  CDMA/LTE Combining: "0"guard band required for 5 MHz or greater LTE carrier


Operating Temperature   0˚C to +55˚C
Enclosure Indoor
Lightning Protection Surge > 30 KA, 20 KA Mult, Res. Pulse < 250 uJ


Connectors   3 × 7-16 DIN female
Data Connection RJ45 Ethernet
Alarm Connection 6 pin Molex connector (4.2 mm)
Power Connection 2 pin Molex connector (4.2 mm)
DC Power Requirement 2A @ +24VDC (only required when tuning)
DC Voltage ±18 to ±76 VDC
Dimensions (incl. connectors)(H×W×D) 3.5 × 19 × 16.995 in. (88.9 × 482.6 × 431.67 mm)
Dimensions (incl. connectors and handles)(H×W×D) 3.5 × 19 × 18.175 in. (88.9 × 482.6 × 461.65 mm)
Weight 28.5 lbs (12.9 kg)


  LLC850IN Outline
  Low Loss Combiner Outline Drawing

Block Diagram

  Low Loss Combiner Block Diagram



Parts & Accessories

LLC-850-IN 850 Band Narrow Guard Band Tunable LLC


Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Part 15 Class B, CE, CSA US



89 Leuning Street

South Hackensack, NJ 07606

+1 (201) 342-3338

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