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      Quad Port AISG Cable Kit QPA-CBK-AG-RRU


AISG Straight Cables


  • AISG 1.1 and 2.0 compliant control cables
  • IP67 outdoor ingress protection (when properly mated)
  • Flame retardant per UL 1581 VW-1
  • Matte polyurethane jacket (Black)
  • Connectors 2 x 8 pin (male/female) per IEC 60130-9
  • Tinned copper braid shield material



CCI’s quad port antenna to remote radio unit (RRU) AISG Cable Kits provides all the required cables for the successful deployment of CCI’s quad port antennas and any CCI antennas with two Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) actuators. All of the control cables included in the kit are AISG 1.1 and AISG 2.0 compliant.

AISG control of the quad port's two RET actuators can be configured in several ways. Depending on your requirements, a single RRU can be designated as the AISG controller whereby it controls both pairs of ports for the antenna. Another configuration will allow a separate RRU to control each pair ports for the antenna. The AISG cable kit provides all the necessary cables to enable both of the above configurations. The two RRU jumpers are ten foot AISG cables that provide the connection from the RRU to the antenna, while the shorter RET jumper is an 18 to 20 inch AISG cable for daisy chaining between the RET actuators.

Electrical/Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

  RET to RET Cables RRU to Antenna Cables
Individual Cable Part Number AISGC-M-F-18 AISGC-M-F-10FT
Cable style UL2464
Protocol AISG 1.1 and AISG 2.0
Maximum voltage 300 V
Rated current 5 A at 104° F (40° C)
Temperature Range -40° to 80° C
Flammability UL 1581 VW-1
Ingress Protection IEC 60529:2001, IP67
Tightening torque Hand tighten only ≈ 1.84 ft-lbs (2.5 Nm)
Construction Shielded (Tinned Copper Braid)
Braid coverage 85%
Jacket Material Matte Polyurethane (Black)

1 twisted pair - 24 AWG
3 conductors - 19 AWG
AWM style 2464
Cable Diameter 0.307 in (7.8 mm)
Minimum bend radius 3.9 in (100 mm)
Connectors 2 x 8 pin IEC 60130-9 Straight male/straight female
Length 18-20 in (457-508) 120 in (3048 mm)
Weight 0.27 lbs (0.12 kg) 0.69 lbs (0.31 kg)
Cables per kit

Mechanical Specifications

  AISG Straight to Straight Cable Final
  AISG-Male to AISG-Female Jumper Cable

Parts & Accessories

Kit Part Number QPA-CBK-AG-RRU
Number of Cables 3
Overall Length 260 in (6604 mm)
Overall Weight 1.8 lbs (0.82 kg)


89 Leuning Street

South Hackensack, NJ 07606

+1 (201) 342-3338

+1 (201) 342-3339 fax