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      iDEN Multi-Carrier Power Amplifier MCPA-850-200
       MCPA850200 FV
  • Overcomes losses from combining multiple base stations and increases power to the antenna
  • Provides coverage for the Full iDEN Band 851 - 869 MHz
  • Modular construction with LED-based operational status indicators
  • High linearity
  • High reliability




The Multi-Carrier Power Amplifier MCPA-850-200 manufactured by Communication Components, Inc. (CCI) is a linear, feed-forward power amplifier that operates in full iDEN frequency band from 851 MHz to 869 MHz. The amplifier can simultaneously transmit multiple carriers, with better than -65dBc third order intermodulation distortion (IMD). It is designed for use in iDEN BTS systems and is ideally suited for use in Motorola base stations. One amplifier MCPA-850-200 can provide more than 200 watts of combined power with multiple iDEN carriers.


Technical Description:

The primary application of MCPA is to compensate for the RF power lost in hybrid combiners and to increase the power per channel transmitted from Quad Base Radios (Q-BR) to antenna.  Implementation of amplifiers in existing and future iDEN systems allows carrier achieve required channel power balance between Legacy BR and Q-BR in a very efficient way even in high capacity sites where several Q-BR must be combined to operate on one antenna.  The modules are also capable of parallel operation to produce higher power output.  By-pass module, which is a part of the system allows for fail-safe operation.  Redundant amplifier option is also available.  This compact solid-state system occupies only 3U of rack space and designed to provide trouble-free operation with minimum maintenance.  The system's modular construction and clear visual LED-based operational status and fault indicators help minimize downtime and allow easy system monitoring.  The turn-on and turn-off sequences of voltages are fully automatic, as is overload protection and failure mode recycling.  There are no requirements for manual adjustments or controls after system is launched in operation.  The amplifier module has a status connector for monitoring the amplifier from laptop computer in the field.  The front panel of the amplifier has status/fault visual indicators and one DC ON/OFF switch.  Primary power for the amplifier is +29 VDC.  MCPA must be powered by dedicated power supply  PSU-48-28-1, which is connected to -48 VDC power distribution panel located on the site.


  • In areas with high capacity requirements overcome the RF power lost from combining multiple base radios
  • In rural locations with large coverage areas compensate for loss from long feed lines and increase the power per channel transmitted to antenna
  • Ideal for urban setting where reducing the number of antennas required is critical

Electrical Specification

Combined Output Power 200 Watts
Number of iDEN Channels  Unlimited
Operating Frequency Range 851 - 869 MHz
Input VSWR 1.35:1 max.
Factory Gain Setting 12.9 dB ± 0.5 dB
Instantaneous Bandwidth 20 MHz
Intermodulation Distortion -65 dBc typical, -63 dBc minimum
Harmonics -55 dB
Gain Flatness ± 0.5 dB
Gain Variation with Temperature ± 0.5 dB
Minimum Channels Spacing Contiguous to 18 MHz
Insertion Loss in By-Pass Mode 0.4 dB
Maximum Reflected Power 100 Watts
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Input Voltage 29.5 - 31.5 VDC
DC Supply Current (RF Off) 14.0 - 18.0 A DC
DC Supply Current (RF On) 47.0 - 55.0 A DC
Monitoring and Alarms Overheating, RF overdrive, VSWR, DC Power, PA failure
Visual Alarm Front Panel LED's for alarm indication
Monitoring Signal Dry form A contact closure alarm. Open contact indicates failure
Front Panel Indicator Front Panel LED's for status indication
Front Panel Control DC ON/OFF Switch

Mechanical Specification

RF Input/Output Connections  Type N Female
Dimensions (H×W×D) 3U or 5.1 × 19.0 × 17 in. (129.5 × 482.6 × 431.8 mm)
Weight 50 lbs max. (22.7 Kg)
Front Panel Finish Epoxy Paint
Chassis Finish Gold Irridite


   MCPA850200 Outline
  MCPA-850-200  Outline Drawing  

Block Diagram

   MCPA850200 ID
  MCPA-850-200  Interconnect Diagram  

MCPA-850-200 Alarm Description
Indicator Light Description
L1: Green (DC Power) Solid = Normal
Slow Blinking = Standby
L2: Red (RF Over Power) Solid = Over Drive
Fast Blinking = Minor
L3: Red (Over Temp) Solid = High Temperature
Fast Blinking =Minor
L4: Red (Fan) Solid = Multiple Fan Failure
Fast Blinking = 1 Fan Failure
L5: Red (Output Mismatch) Solid = High Mismatch
L6: Red (Alarm) Solid = Major
Fast Blinking = Minor
L7: Green (Bypass) Solid =Bypass activated
Fast Blinking = Bypass Failed


Product Information


Parts & Accessories

MCPA-850-200 iDEN Multi-Carrier Amplifier
PSU-48-28-1 Power Supply for iDEN Multi-Carrier Amplifier


Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Part 15 Class B, CE, CSA US


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